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 Sasuke Dying His Hair

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Sasuke Uchiha
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Intermediate Duelist

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PostSubject: Sasuke Dying His Hair   Mon 26 Jul 2010, 2:58 am

I was kind o depressed of being put in the slifer dorm. Though i as till happy to be enroledin the school. I decided if i change my identity it might make me a better dueler. "Lets see, i can't hange my body but maybe i can chnge my hair." I entered a barbershop in New Domino City. "Sir i want you to dye my hair red. Or at least gve me Red Highlights. I swear from the point that you dye my hair im going to be a different person. After to day im going to be studying to become the best duelist ever. Anytime someone sees me, im going to be reading." When it was over i decided to change my wardrobe. "Now i will try my hardest and not let anyone get in my way."
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Sasuke Dying His Hair
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