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PostSubject: Alice   Alice Icon_minitimeTue 27 Jul 2010, 7:54 pm

Name: Alice



Alice 12307711

Deck: Earth

Academy Student or Citizen Duelist: Academy

Alice, the youngest and only girl of her family, and she grew up as the princess, she was very loved, and enjoied this, she was always happy, and never sad, she got everything she always wanted, her brothers would kill if it would make her happy, she loved him deeply, and always enjoied being with him no matter what, she had fun with almost everything she got to play with there was nothing that could make her mad, she loved her life, and everything in it. But, after her parents died, Alice changed, and became what seemed to be, different person, this wasn't something anyone seen coming, Alice, always got what she wanted, and with her family being rich, she was able to get it, but once her parents died, the money was taken away, and put into a trust fund, her brothers, getting it before she did. Alice has to wait till she is 20 years of age, before she can touch it. Her brothers, now getting along, take care of Alice, and anything she wants, or needs she most likely gets, but at times, they do say no if it isn't something she'll ever use again.

When Alice turned 10, she ment an east side boy, she fell fastly inlove with, her brother, Zander, dis-liked the family he belonged to, when Zander found out about what she was doing, he forbid her to ever see him again, of course, Alice, loving her family, and her brother['s] very much, did as she was told, never seeing him again, it broke her heart, for she didn't want to do it, but had to. It was very upsetting after the first three months. After the third month, James, Alice's other brother, heard about what Zander had done, and was very upset that Zander would put his wants before Alice's, James and Zander had gotten into a fight over it. Neither happy with the other. Zander, mad at James for saying what he had, and James mad at Zander for telling Alice was who she was, and wasn't allowed to be with.
Alice's 12 birthday, was a great day, her brother's made up, and everyone was happy, Alice had her family back, and she once again felt the love she needed...

When Alice turned 15, her family went out for dinner, not knowing what would happen when they came home that night...
The night Alice and her family came home, they had seen the door wide open, and a van in the drive way, her father, moved fast, and went into the house, seeing what had happened, they heard screams, and her mother moved in after, a bat in hand. Alice was standing at the front door, and watched her mother be killed.

RP Sample:
After running the whole length from the Danger Room, Ava arrived at the doors of Cerebro out of breath and sobbing, distraught and panicked. In short, a mess. There was such a tremendous wave of emotions crowding her, that when she found herself confronted by the steel doors that guarded the supercomputer, she nearly lost control of herself. A huge burst of power erupted from her, wrenching the doors open before she could be asked for access.

An alarm started to wail, warning the mansion of the intrusion. Ava ignored it and stepped inside, her mind racing to recover the crazy plan she'd come up with just a few moments ago. She had no idea what had possessed her, but it all seemed so clear.

Professor Xavier explained to her once about Cerebro. He said that it increased his telepathy a hundredfold, and with it, he had the power to locate, track, and even kill thousands of people at once. It was that kind of power that he needed now, that power that would stand a chance against Jean, and maybe defeat her. He just needed access to Cerebro. A vessel.

Ava also knew the dangers of using this machine. Compared to Xavier, she was far from capable. There was no way she would be able to wield Cerebro like he could, but she had to try. As long as she could just reach him, and make him understand what she wanted him to do, this could work. It was worth the risk.

She walked up to the terminal where the headpiece rested, feeling terrified. She had images in her head, thoughts of what would happen when she attempted this. Would she come out of it alive, to see her family again? The thought was unbearable so she did not entertain it.

She knelt down so she could be at proper level. Lifting the headpiece with shaking hands, she lowered it down over her hair, till it fitted over her forehead. Then like a light, hesitant touch, she released her powers. A scream of pain flew from her mouth, knocking all breath from her lungs, spinning and crushing her mind, all in one second.

For a while she actually thought she was dead. But then she realized that if she was feeling this much pain...it was not over. She clenched her fists tight and pushed through. She didn't even realize that she was still screaming. In her mind, there was just one person she was shouting to. It was just so hard to keep her thoughts straight with this much pressure crushing down on her mind.

"Professor, it's Ava. I have Cerebro. I'm on Cerebro. Sir, please...please help me. Let me help you. Please sir, it's our only chance. But I can't...." Her focus faltered. She had gone very, very white, and was hardly taking any more breaths. "...I can't hold on for longer. I can't do this. Please....help...me. She's coming."

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PostSubject: Re: Alice   Alice Icon_minitimeWed 28 Jul 2010, 5:27 am

Approved, well done.
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