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 Maintenance (Open RP, No dueling)

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PostSubject: Maintenance (Open RP, No dueling)   Thu 29 Jul 2010, 1:41 pm

Faith sometimes wondered why people couldn't follow rules. Some were
annoying, yes, but others were there for a very good reason... Such as
the rule about not eating or drinking anything when dueling in a duel
"Stupid, arrogant, obnoxious Obelisk..." She muttered under
her breath, scrambling under the duel table to look at the damage. It
wasn't that she had anything against Obelisk Blue students... It was
just that the one who spilled a glass of coke all over the desk was from
Obelisk, and he'd done nothing but whine about how he got his cards
wet. Sometimes she wondered how difficult it would be to just apologise
to her for making her go through the extra work and effort. One thing
she'd learnt quickly was that on this island everyone was judged by what
they wore. Slifer's were looked down on, Obelisk's flaunted their power
and abilities. And Faith, skulking around in her light blue overalls,
hair tied up with a ribbon, looking for all the world like a little girl
who had got lost on the island, wasn't given a second glance. In the
island's pecking order, she was lower than the rats, just there to make
sure the equipment kept working. And to fix it after a stupid,
rule-flaunting Obelisk had spilt their drink all over it.

like technology, but sometimes she knew that it was simplest just to
think of everything like a computer. She knew what to do if you spilt a
drink on a computer keyboard, and didn't even need to think of the
process. The first thing to do was turn everything off immediately and
unplug the keyboard. Then turn the keyboard immediately over onto an
absorbent towel to sop up the excess moisture. Tap the keyboard to
dislodge any excess moisture. Then use a spray air duster to dry
further. Do not turn it on for at least a week until it is fully dried
out. The basic message was get the liquid away from it and then let it
dry thoroughly before attempting to use again. So Faith took those
principles and just increased them in size.

She'd almost finished when a voice called to her from the entrance to the stadium.
"Hey! Faith! Hows it going?"
didn't look up; she recognised the voice well enough from the sound.
"Fine, Jinn..." She drawled in reply. Jinn was the head technician on
the island, Faith was technically his assistant. But he'd learnt long
ago to leave most of the work to Faith. Unlike him, she never grew tired
for shifting through acres of cables and wires, or trawling through
countless pages and screens of data.
"Right. When you've finished up there, would you mind looking through Slifer duel disks? A couple were dropped into maintenance a while ago." Jinn called, turning and walking out of the stadium. He didn't wait for Faith's reply; technically she was employed by him, and she didn't say no to him anyway.
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Maintenance (Open RP, No dueling)
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