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 Red Eyes Toon Dragon

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Intermediate Duelist
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PostSubject: Red Eyes Toon Dragon   Tue 03 Aug 2010, 12:40 pm

Card Name: Red Eyes Toon Dragon
Card Level:7
Image of Card:image is posted above
Card Attribute:Dark
Card Type:Dragon
Special Features:Effect
Attack Points:2400 ATK
Defense Points:2000 DEF
Effect/Description:This card cannot be normal summoned or set this card can only be special summoned while "Toon Worl" is on your side of the field this card cannot attack the turn it is summoned unless you pay 500 life points this card cannot attack when "Toon World" is destroyed this card is also destroyed if your opponent does not control a Toon monster this card can attack your opponent directly if a face-up Toon monster is on your opponents side of the field you must select the Toon monster as an attack target limits/restrictions: 1 copy per deck only

Card Color:Orange
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PostSubject: Re: Red Eyes Toon Dragon   Tue 03 Aug 2010, 1:34 pm


40 Yen cost
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Red Eyes Toon Dragon
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