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 Ami Kawashima

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Kawashima Ami

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PostSubject: Ami Kawashima   Ami Kawashima Icon_minitimeSat 07 Aug 2010, 9:34 am

Theres more then you think under this pretty face

{ Kawashima Ami }

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Name: Kawashi Ami
Age: 16
Birthday: march 26 1994
Appearance: Ami Kawashima 73821-ami_kawashima_80_large
Personality: Almost everyone that have ever met her, know her as a nice, happy & kind of a airhead thats always smiling and looking at the best things in life and situations, but no one yet knows her true nature. She is actually a snob, selfish...... a usual princess, this personality is kept to herself and is only shown to some people when she either doesn't like the person or just wants to bully or make the person jealous.
Deck: Lady Deck
Academy Student or Citizen Duelist: Citizen trying to get in to academy
Background: Kawashi Ami is a famous model, but the stalkers, fans & pervs have got to her. Since she knew how to duel and needed a break away from the city she came to the duel academy hoping to be able to enter the academy.
RP Sample:

Quote :
Ami walked in to the cafe with a warm yuuji & Aisaka were talking, when Aisaka saw Ami enter she grabbed Ryuuji's head and turned it so he would look at her, aisaka showed the magazine at Ryuuji that had a picture of Ami "that's her right" Ryuuji nodded "she's kawashima Ami, the model". aisaka took a sip out of her glass of orange juice "what is a girl like her doing here?" ryuuji & Aisaka took another sip out of there cups. Kitamura entered the cafe "sorry for making you wait Ami" Aisaka & Ryuuji spit out there orange juice surprised that he would even know Ami. Kitamura looked at Aisaka & Ryuuji "hey it's Aisaka & Ryuuji" He walks over to them "well you two are friendly as usual" Aisaku & Takasu (Ruuji) freak out "no no it's nothing like that!". While that happened Ami walked over to them "is everything ok Kitamura?" kitamura scratched his head "oh i fergot to introduce them to you, he's Takasu and she's Aisaka. Guys this is Ami she's an old childhood friend" Ami says "nice to meet you" both of them replie "likewise" Ami looks at the table where the magazine was "hey that's......" Takasu smiled "yea we were just looking at it just then" Ami laughed abit "I look so nice there and to think I look so plain and regular now" Takasu Shaked his head "no no no you look fine". Kitamura pushed his glasses up "well we're all here so let's share seats", Takasu moved next to Aisaka and Kitamura & Ami sat together. Ami grabbed the sugar "here Takasu-kun" Ryuuji looked at her "um" Ami blushed "oh i'm sorry, would it have been better with diet sugar?" Ryuuji raised his hand "n-no...." Ami grabbed his hand "oh Takasu, forgive me I saw Yuusaku (kitamura) putting some in so I......" Ryuuji shaked his head "no no it's ok, I like my coffe sweet, actually I like sweet things" Ami took her hands off his "oh thank you, i am a airhead sometimes". Kitamura standed up "i'm going to the rest room" he walked off, Ryuuji looked around unconfortable being the only guy btw 2 girls 'um.... i'll go to". When he arrived Kitamura pulled his arm so he would lower "Takasu look at this" Kitamura was crouching, he walked to a plant and he hid behind it and watched the girls, Takasu does the same. Ami completly changed in personality, she yawned and layed back "man, i'm tired" She grabbed her glass of orange juice and shaked it lightly "Ami-chan's glass is empty, go get me some more" Aisaka completly ignored her. Ami sat like she was before "ignore me huh......." she smiled "you've had that atitude for awhile now". Ami put down the glass "oh i know, i'll get your boyfriend to get it for me. I know he'll do what ever I say". Aisaka yawned "he's not my boyfriend" Ami looked at herself in a mirror she brought "ohwell it doesn't matter either". Kitamura whispered to Takasu "see this is how she really is. She's spoiled, selfish and rude. A tipical princess. I can't resist to think that there's a demon that has taken over her". Ami started to bother Aisaka cause of her size, Aisaka slapped Ami. Kitamura & Takasu came back, kitamura said "come on Ami let's go" Ami fake cryed as they walked off. Aisaka had a astonished face "hu b-b-but she...... ugh now Kitamura hates me!"
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PostSubject: Re: Ami Kawashima   Ami Kawashima Icon_minitimeSat 07 Aug 2010, 11:56 am

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Ami Kawashima
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