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 Alex Legend

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PostSubject: Alex Legend   Alex Legend Icon_minitimeWed 21 Jul 2010, 11:59 am

Name: Alex
Age: 16
Birthday: 31/3/1994
Appearance: Golden hair. Brown eyes.
Deck: Cosmos
Academy Student or Citizen Duelist: Academy
Background: Loves YGO and has been playing it since she was 10. However, her locals shut down and she has been looking for a place to play since then.
RP Sample:
The cracking sun of the new day was an all too familiar sight for Heidi. Perching high upon her crystal tower that glittered and gleamed, creating rays of rainbow light, she looked upon her kingdom that spanned the vast lands and meadows. Homes rose to be miles tall, the roads were made of gold, there was wealth and prosperity everywhere.
With a light leap, Heidi landed gently upon the balcony surrounding her circular crystal tower. The tower was known as the base of operations, it was the backbone of everything that happened in the Kingdom. However, she never spent much time in it because she had followers willing to listen to her every word and keep lives going smoothly.
Having short hair, this meant Heidi did not have the problem of hair blowing into her face despite how high up from the ground she was. It was merely shoulder length and tickled at her ears when a light breeze came along.

Being highly athletic too, Heidi was able to lean forward upon the balcony, hands on either side of her. She lifted her feet up so she ended up being vertical, balancing on a narrow beam. Throwing herself forward slightly, her legs went over her head and she performed a handstand in the glittering sun. If anyone on the golden streets could see her now, she was sure they would be shocked beyond belief. It was always something she wanted to keep hidden - her origins.
Flexing her muscles, she pushed herself into the air using only her arms. Her legs fell. She was rising.... and falling toward the earth.
Anticipating this, Heidi formed her body so that she was in position for a perfect swan dive, hands in a praying position above her head, legs straight. As the wind struck her clothes, she cursed herself for the choice of wearing satin shorts and a thin jacket. She continued falling, falling, for a mile.


In the underwater world below Heidi's kingdom, there were many organisms prospering, thriving... Opening her eyes, she was met with a glorious sight. The rainbow beams from the crystal tower penetrated the surface of the water and caused it to gleam and glow. Underneath the surface, reeds shook right to left gently from the force of the currents and bubbles emerged from between the coral growing in the sandy floor. Red and gold fish swam eagerly between shoals and many others swam as groups, as schools. Their beautiful scales were tinted in the brightest colours of the world.
"The Crystal Library..." Heidi thought to herself, breathing very slightly as not to disturb the water's perfect flow. "The library is knowledge of the world, of the kingdom... Everything about me...."
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PostSubject: Re: Alex Legend   Alex Legend Icon_minitimeWed 21 Jul 2010, 12:10 pm


Although, I think you should of added a picture for your appearance. Anyway, since this is approved. I shall lock this thread.
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Alex Legend
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