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 YGO RPG Rules

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PostSubject: YGO RPG Rules   YGO RPG Rules Icon_minitimeTue 20 Jul 2010, 8:31 am

1. Please don't post small replies in roleplay.
2. Please post in sentences.
3. What you say must be easy to understand.
4. Please use the adverts area at the bottom of the forum for adverts.
5. Please do not spam.
6. If you need to say something else in addition to what yous aid before, please just edit your previous post.
7. Please stay on topic, depending on the area you are posting in.
8. You can't 'screw these rules' Wink
9. Please do not advertise anywhere else other than "adverts" forum. This means no pm and such.
10. Please do not spam up chat, posts or PM's. Spam amounts to random letters on the keyboard, basically.

Quote :

There are also very strict guidelines about behavior and all posts must not contain any of the following. Failure to abide by these rules will result in serious discipline.

1. Sexual and/or pornographic content.
2. Hateful or abusive content.
3. Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person.
4. Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription/drugs and any other illicit substance.
5. Copyright infringment/hacking.
6. Spam/phishing and/or malware website.
7. Credit card fraud.
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