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 Yu-Gi-Oh RPG Guide

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PostSubject: Yu-Gi-Oh RPG Guide   Yu-Gi-Oh RPG Guide Icon_minitimeThu 22 Jul 2010, 11:52 am

Guide to Yu-Gi-Oh RPG

Everyone obtains a Starter Deck (You get to choose one of the 3 avaliable) when making a character.
These decks can be adjusted in any way you want. You can adjust it with cards obtained from packs or the shop.*

*Please use the Cards Owned forum to list the cards you have bought. You do not have to list the contents of your starter deck.
(There is a field in your profile that will allow you to store personal notes. You may use that)
Note also this will enable you to trade cards in the correct forum. (Linking to cards owned would be a good idea.)

Test Duels are for Dorm Placement in the Academy.
Custom Duels are duels with time limits, favouring elements, whatever you like. You create these.
Duels Anywhere Else may be posted or the topic made and duel done by YVD*.
Tournaments will be held at certain times and will require you to PM the contents of your deck to the hosting admin.

*Duels on here are posted or done by Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop (YVD). YVD is a program that uses Hamachi to connect to other IP addresses. The Hamachi room for this site is YRPG. PM an admin for the password.
Duels on YVD use electronical card displays. You have to create your deck from over 2000 cards avaliable and save the deck and set up the game. It is at this point you connect to the other person's IP address. When they have connected, your deck loads and you press New Game. Any problems, message Ace or any other YVD knowledgable admin.

To Obtain a Shop License, you must have 1000 Yen*. Shops can sell anything they want at any prices but there are already card and pack shops. New shops are however free to sell things like deckboxes or duel disks or decklists and so on.

Packs in shops are often 150 Yen or more. Decks can be around 1000 Yen and singles around 400 Yen. However, a common single for instance could be worth 10 Yen and a Secret Rare could be worth 800 Yen. This however, varies on the card(s).

Yen is obtained from winning duels, taking part in quizzes or duel challenges.
A normal duel on the forum or YVD allows:
50 Yen per win
20 Yen per loss

If you host a custom game:
40 Yen per win
10 yen per loss

If you join a custom game:
60 yen per win
10 yen per loss

A Quiz may allow you:
100 Yen

A Duel Challenge may allow you:
150 Yen

Card Of The Week: May be sold at a special price in shops!
Member Of The Week: Gains 200 Yen!
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Yu-Gi-Oh RPG Guide
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