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 Naruto Nation

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PostSubject: Naruto Nation   Sat 24 Jul 2010, 12:20 pm

This forum loves to bring it's members enjoyment, amusement, and happiness. This forum is all about having fun with others while role playing. Unlike other Naruto forums. This role playing forum is very advance, and loves to bring enjoyment. This forum is mainly on having wars with other villages, tournaments, and etc.

What is Naruto?

Answer: Naruto is a Manga with further on got developed into a anime, Naruto is a story about a little boy named Naruto that had a demon sealed inside him so he was recented and hated, but further he got friends he grew up and became a Shinobi(Manga=Comics/Cartoon, Anime=Animation. Shinobi=Ninja.

What is Naruto Nation?

Naruto Nation is a role playing base forum created by Err. Err created Naruto Nation on: 2010-07-05. The forum has been nearly under construction for a whole month. The Administrator Err has been working on this forum for a long time now. Hoping, it will succeed, and it has. You will also expect a lot of things about this forum. Such as:
  • Ninjas Role playing.
  • Tournaments.
  • Challenges.
  • Wars and battles.

    and much more.

Click here to join.
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Naruto Nation
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