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Character Stats
Kanchou Left_bar_bleue4200/8000Kanchou Empty_bar_bleue  (4200/8000)
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PostSubject: Kanchou   Kanchou Icon_minitimeSun 25 Jul 2010, 1:52 pm

Name: Kanchou
Age: 13 Years old
Birthday: 22 May 1997
Appearance: Electronics addictor... Likes Matrix style...
Wears a matrix style shirt with a green digital watch and a spy dark glasses...
Not so tall and not so short, a bit normal...
Deck: Earth
Citizen Duelist
Background: Very intelligent boy, looks young, but genius...

Likes using all electronics and likes learning newer things...

A perfect programmer, but not a cheater...

Always calm, never goes angry... But have really adventure charisma...

Likes closing his eyes, and suddenly opens them with a big scream saying "I summon this!!!"

RP Samplle: Kanchou walks with monsters beside him, walking so calm, careless, closing his eyes, not wearing his glasses, looks specious but you can't know what he wanna do...

When someone calls him, "Hey, Kanchou"... He usually answers calmly "Hi, sir..."

Walking like royal kings, while he is pretty not that great...

No one could ever interrupt him while he was walking...

After walking a little, he went to his home, where there's no one except him there...

He started programming and suddenly he found that the house is gone flying!!

Suddenly he saw that his house is up... no one could saw anything cuz Kanchou suddenly summoned a monster and a big smoke is there, and then... Nothing except Kanchou...

In silence, he with his magic attracted his house and return it to his place again... And in silence, went back... Like if nothing happened...
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Character Stats
Kanchou Left_bar_bleue3300/8000Kanchou Empty_bar_bleue  (3300/8000)
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PostSubject: Re: Kanchou   Kanchou Icon_minitimeSun 25 Jul 2010, 2:00 pm

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