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 Sasuke's Room

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Sasuke Uchiha
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Intermediate Duelist
Sasuke Uchiha

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PostSubject: Sasuke's Room   Sasuke's Room Icon_minitimeMon 26 Jul 2010, 1:31 am

I walk into my new dorm. I notice that i have it all for myself. I then look out the window. I see the Obelisk dorms. "One day i'll be in those dorms. Or better yet. 'll be the director or champion". Right next to the window was one big bed.


I then take out my X-Box and Plugged it in too thetv. I had brought a game that lets you practice your strategy. I Then look to see where i can put my duel disc. I the decided to put it next to my bed. I has asked for a dorm room with a garage so that i could put my duel runner. I went outside and drove it in. I the figured that while i wasd outside i could see who my neighbor was. So i went over next door. I was hoping it could be Cam.

Anybody post here to know who is my neighbor
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Sasuke's Room
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