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 Kento Yuraia

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PostSubject: Kento Yuraia    Kento Yuraia  Icon_minitimeSat 11 Aug 2012, 12:21 pm

Name: Kento Yuraia

Age: 17

Birthday: Unknown

Appearance:Long dark grey hair, red vest, white long or short sleeve shirt (depends on the weather) Dark blue leather pants, tattoo on his eye brow (kinda like the one that Paradox has)

Deck: The Dragon Valley

Academy Student or Citizen Duelist: Citizen Duelist

Background: It is unknown his original origins. All that is known is that his father was murdered and all Kento has to remember him by is his Dark magician card. he caries it on is neck in a case like the one Kaiba has.

RP Sample: "Perhaps you should stand back if you know whats good for you" "Now Behold! Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon!" "This is were our comes to it's conclusion."

Personality: Very confident, Doesn't care if he wins or loses. Has a thirst for dueling, very kind.
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Kento Yuraia
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