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 banned/limited card list

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PostSubject: banned/limited card list   Wed 21 Jul 2010, 2:53 pm

Exodia (all peices) :BANNED

Exodd Master of the Guard: 1 copy only

Exodia Necross: Banned

Exodious the ultimate forbidden lord: BANNED

Pot of Greed: Banned

Jar of Greed: 1 copy only

Pot of Generosity: 2 copies only

Cyber Dragon: 2 copies only

Relinquished: BANNED

Thousand Eyes Restrict: BANNED

Light End Dragon: 1 copy only

Dark End Dragon: 1 copy only

Cyber Jar: 1 copy only

Morphing Jar: 1 copy only

Morphing Jar #2: BANNED

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banned/limited card list
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