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 How to get started

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PostSubject: How to get started   How to get started Icon_minitimeTue 20 Jul 2010, 9:16 am

Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh RPG!

First, create a character by clicking here and be sure to follow the rules of the Character Template!

----Please note duels here are done on the forum. If both players have a dueling simulator with their decks already on it, they may be used instead. The result must be posted and the winner and loser has to confirm.----

When you are done:
If you are a Student: Go to the academy to be tested. Take your test by clicking here or going to the Testing Grounds.
Once you have taken your test, the tester/teacher will assign you to a dorm.
-Red contains beginners, Yellow contains advanced players and Blue contains experts.
-Do not worry if you don't make it into the form you wanted to be in! There will be termly tests which players may take part in to rank up.
-Students have the privilege of posting in the academy! (Please be sure to roleplay!)

If you are a Citizen Duelist: You may duel outside the academy without having to worry about teachers!
-You are not allowed to post in the academy.
-You may enter the academy test at any time.


About Shops
-You need a Shopkeeper's Pass to be able to own a shop.
-You may buy these passes from the main shop with your Yen.
-You may also earn the right to gain a Shopkeeper's Pass.

-Post in a shop to buy the item. Say the item and cost.

-If you are hosting a shop, be sure to post in reply to these items sold.
-An admin will come and alter the money of both players eventually.
-Fraudulent shopkeepers will be dealt with immediately and Yen returned to buyers.
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How to get started
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