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 Faith Titan

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Beginner Duelist
Beginner Duelist

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Character Stats
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PostSubject: Faith Titan   Faith Titan Icon_minitimeSun 25 Jul 2010, 11:12 am

Faith Titan


18th January

Shoulder-length, light brown hair, tied up in a high ponytail with a
pink ribbon. Pale skin with a spatter of freckles across the nose.
Large, sky-blue eyes. Vertically challenged. She is roughly the size and
build of an average 8-year-old, and is highly sensitive about her lack
of height. She is often mistaken for a little girl at first.

Deck (Water, Fire, Earth):

Academy Student or Citizen Duelist:

Growing up in Domino City, Faith came from a small family, with hard-working parents who were often out, leaving her older brother, Alex, in charge. Alex and Faith developed a strong bond due to spending so much time together, and Faith grew into a confidant, if slightly distant, person due to his companionship. Alex was the one who had tried to teach her Duel Monsters, although Faith had never been particularly interested. While she might have had the ability, her lack of interest meant that Alex quickly abandoned playing the card game with her, and she never fully grasped an understanding or enjoyment of the game.

When Alex left, heading to Duel Academy to fulfill his dream as a professional duelist, Faith became distant and withdrawn. Having always had her brother around for companionship, Faith was reluctant to open up to other people, and resented that her brothers letters were always about Duel Monsters. This led to her putting on a cold persona when around other people, and when her brother return during school holidays, Faith had been cold and distant to him too. However, she is very loyal, friendly and trustworthy to the people she thinks of as friends, even if she doesn't seem so at first. Having had little company after her brother left, Faith began to put her efforts into somethings that had always interested her; electronics and engineering. Unlike with Duel Monsters, Faith found this interesting and quickly excelled at it, to the point where she began to attract attention. KaibaCorp called her in for a trail run to see how she would cope with some new technology that their top technicians were struggling to fix. To their amazement, Faith was able to fix the problems and add improvements through the course of the day. Interested to profit from the small girls' talents, she was offered a job as an assistant technician at Duel Academy until she was old enough to have a proper job.

And so Faith ended up on the same island as her brother, who was on his year. But despite now living on an island that was centered around Duel Monsters, and spending all of her time fixing holographic projectors, Faith still found that she preferred electronics to the card game.

RP Sample:
Faith sometimes wondered why people couldn't follow rules. Some were annoying, yes, but others were there for a very good reason... Such as the rule about not eating or drinking anything when dueling in a duel stadium.
"Stupid, arrogant, obnoxious Obelisk..." She muttered under her breath, scrambling under the duel table to look at the damage. It wasn't that she had anything against Obelisk Blue students... It was just that the one who spilled a glass of coke all over the desk was from Obelisk, and he'd done nothing but whine about how he got his cards wet. Sometimes she wondered how difficult it would be to just apologise to her for making her go through the extra work and effort. One thing she'd learnt quickly was that on this island everyone was judged by what they wore. Slifer's were looked down on, Obelisk's flaunted their power and abilities. And Faith, skulking around in her light blue overalls, hair tied up with a ribbon, looking for all the world like a little girl who had got lost on the island, wasn't given a second glance. In the island's pecking order, she was lower than the rats, just there to make sure the equipment kept working. And to fix it after a stupid, rule-flaunting Obelisk had spilt their drink all over it.

Faith like technology, but sometimes she knew that it was simplest just to think of everything like a computer. She knew what to do if you spilt a drink on a computer keyboard, and didn't even need to think of the process. The first thing to do was turn everything off immediately and unplug the keyboard. Then turn the keyboard immediately over onto an absorbent towel to sop up the excess moisture. Tap the keyboard to dislodge any excess moisture. Then use a spray air duster to dry further. Do not turn it on for at least a week until it is fully dried out. The basic message was get the liquid away from it and then let it dry thoroughly before attempting to use again. So Faith took those principles and just increased them in size.

She'd almost finished when a voice called to her from the entrance to the stadium.
"Hey! Faith! Hows it going?"
Faith didn't look up; she recognised the voice well enough from the sound. "Fine, Jinn..." She drawled in reply. Jinn was the head technician on the island, Faith was technically his assistant. But he'd learnt long ago to leave most of the work to Faith. Unlike him, she never grew tired for shifting through acres of cables and wires, or trawling through countless pages and screens of data.
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Character Stats
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PostSubject: Re: Faith Titan   Faith Titan Icon_minitimeSun 25 Jul 2010, 11:16 am

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Faith Titan
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