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PostSubject: Rules   Wed 21 Jul 2010, 12:04 pm

----Create a Topic if you wish to enter the Academy.----

Teachers will test your skills and push them to the limit! They will assign you to a dorm and message an admin to change your rank and put you on the dorm member list. Good luck!

(Duels will be played out on the forum for this part.)

Slifer Red: Duelists who are new to the game. Their lack of experience may or may not show, depending how they play their cards. Remember, if you cannot do something good, reserve your cards for a better play!

Ra Yellow: Duelists who know how to play, and well. They are experienced to the game. Often having played it for about a year, they are ready to call themselves the "average duelist". Remember what you can do isn't always the best!

Obelisk Blue: Duelists who are very experienced. Many Obelisk Blues are on the path to the Pro Tour. They can use their cards at the best times and they save plays when they are most needed and unexpected. Remember that it is not the cards, but the plays that make the duelist!
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